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We  recycle Food  waste products into  Animal feed

 Tanzania consumes a lot of fruits, veggies, tubers and banana which produce a lot for waste products after processing .Afri-EcoFeeds has innovated locally made technology to process fruits, veggies, tubers and banana post- processing  waste products to produce poultry, pigs and dairy feeds

   We are making Sustainable Feeds

Climatic  changes and increase of global population has impacted negatively on how food is produced.  Through this technology, our company makes sustainable low cost  animal feeds which enable farmers to thrive even in times of hash climatic changes especial during drought when feed ingredients are expensive and scarce

We use our locally made technology

With the use our locally made technology, the company is able to replicate and scale the technology but also it is able to produce at the lower costs

We  are transforming the lives of farmers by providing low cost and high quality feeds
Our feed has lowered production costs and increased farm productivity which in return has increased farm profitability and improved incomes and nutrition of farmers and community

We are Solving a Global Problem

Food waste is a global problem. Fruits, veggies, tubers and bananas by and waste products are significant waste in Sub-Saharan countries including Tanzania. Most of these by and waste products are generated by street food vendors who play a major role in food processing in Africa, offering nutrition to about 70% of people in urban areas. In most cases, these food waste accumulate in vendors' premises or dumped in dump sites where cause poor environmental hygiene and global warming. With global warming and growing population to feed, the development of sustainable form of food production is important. Our company found that, these waste have potential of making low cost and sustainable animal feeds. We recycle food by and waste products such as peels, rinds, pomace and trimmings from fruits, vegetables, tubers and bananas generated from food processing premises to make poultry, pig and dairy feeds

Our Contributions to SDG's

The company contributes at ending hunger, achieving food security, improved nutrition and promote sustainable livestock farming by providing  sustainable ( eco-friendly) and affordable  animal feed which increase farm productivity, therefore increases production, availability and access  to food ( animal origin foods such as meat. eggs and milk which  is essential to nutrition)

The company contributes at ending proverty by promoting livestock farming.   Afri-EcoFeed's products  reduces farming cost by 35-45%.  And this  means farmers using our product  get more incomes ( net incomes) from their  farm ventures

Afri-EcoFeeds attracts youth and women into farming as the way of self employment

 The company Contributes to Climate Action by taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.  The company makes use of waste  food peels to make  animal feed. These waste in Tanzania contributes to 60-80% of total food and agricultural waste produced . According to FAO Food waste contributes to 8% of Global Greenhouses gas emission

Our Story

AfriEcoFeeds lTD   history dates back in 2018  when the founder Dr EMANUEL N.KUNGU was training smallholder farmers on good poultry and pig farming practices , he discovered that, one of the most challenges facing farmers was  the high cost of feed on the market. This made him, think differently and finally, he came out with idea of making poultry and pig feed from agri-food waste which indeed  has become very useful


 Are  you a pig, poultry or cattle farmer based around Babati CBD and need feed for your livestock?.No need to worry again. Make orders on our website, social media, SMS or phone. Make payment via mobile  money .We will deliver at your farm farm in  few hours every day. Click  Buy our products  to see more products


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