Who are We


Afri-EcoFeeds Tanzania is an agritech company that uses a high technological processes to recycle foodby and waste products to manufacture low cost, high quality and environment friendly animal feeds. 

Food waste is a global problem. Fruits, veggies, tubers and bananas by and waste products are significant waste in Sub-Saharan countries including Tanzania. In most cases, these food waste accumulate in the environment where cause poor environmental hygiene and global warming. Meanwhile, climatic changes and growing global population has led to feed scarcity and high costs of feeds which impact negatively farmers particularly smallholder farmers The company solves these challenges making low cost and sustainable animal feeds by recycling food byand waste products  to make animal feeds

Livestock farming is way of getting food and earning income to small holder farmers in Tanzania and Africa as whole. Poultry and Pig farming are more promising ventures for improving nutrition and incomes more to low income smallholder farmers, in both rural, urban and peri-urban areas , but the main challenge has been high cost of commercial feed available on the market which most of farmers can't afford and it also, has been observed that feeding commercial feed available on the market it is not cost effective to smallholder farmers setup. This has led to under productivity of livestock due to underfeeding and poor health. Therefore, farmers have been getting less produce and less incomes and some have even abandoned farming. 



Ms Justina Lohay Panga

Chief Executive Officer

Email: info@afriecofeeds.com

Mobile: +255 622 173272

Dr. Emanuel Ng'ambwa Kungu

Chief Product Officer

Email: emanuelkungu@gmail.com

Mobile: +255 621 106 923

Ms Blandina Amando

Production and Quality Assurance Officer

Email: blandinaamando93@gmail.com

Mobile:+255 753 485 014

Mr.Faraja Samuel

Chief Financial Officer

Mobile: +255 675 898 677

Ms Angel Girgis

Chief Marketing Officer

Mobile: +255 788 371 884

Ms Taabu Boay Himindu

Chief  Environmental Officer

Mobile:+255 689 171 384

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