How we make our Products

Our Animal Feeds have zero Soy beans and zero food grains yet with full nutrients needed for animal nutrition

Our company recovers  energy, proteins and energy rich ingredients from  food waste and use them to make  full nutritional animal feeds. We currently use plant food waste sourced in highly sanity environment where we process and formulate  a full nutrition animal feeds suitable for poultry, Soy beans are expensive and take a lot of energy and resources and therefore generate a lot of CO2 in cultivation yet a lot of proteins is wasted in food waste and can recovered and be used to feed animals to replace soybeans in feed formulations. Food waste waste also has energy rich ingredients that can replace energy ingredients in feeds. Our company use food waste to recover ingredients that are used to make animals feeds that avoids use of soy beans and food grains. This method is ecofriendly and more energy efficient

 Energy rich Ingredients recovered from food waste

Proteins rich ingredient from food processing industry