The company mission is  to produce affordable animal feed products  so as improve incomes  and nutrition of poor income households and combat Climatic change by utilizing  low cost, sustainable and ecofriendly ways which reduce waste or activities which contribute to environmental pollution and climatic changes. The following are the impact the company has made so far

1:Improvement of Incomes 

Since its inception ,the company has been able to reach over 2000 poultry, pigs and dairy farmers in Tanzania. Results have shown that farmers have realized an  income  increase of  35-50% from their livestock ventures. Poultry farmers have realized  an average increase of 35% income, Pigs farmers  45% and dairy farmers   75% . The company has employed 25 employees and  over 300 people are indirectly benefiting. All these individuals earn their living from the company. The company has partnered with  other companies such as Mkulima AgriClinic and Yoba4Life Foundation to train farmers and other people to process and add value to livestock produce such as milk, eggs and meat. Over 50 new  agro-processing ventures have been established which have employed over 200 people in Tanzania

2:Improvement of Nutrition

 The company  has contributed to improved nutrition  by promoting commercial sustainable livestock farming and agro-processing. By so doing, it has   increased farm productivity , availability and access to  affordable food             ( particularly the animal origin food which is essential to  human nutrition)

Through partnering with other companies, company has reached over 400 children with affordable milk and eggs. The company has also reached over 10,000 poor income households with affordable eggs, milk and meat. Generally the company has reached over 10,000 people with affordable animal origin food . It  is our hope will continue impacting more people

3: Combating Climatic changes

The company uses waste food peels to make feed. It is estimated that 90 percentage of generated peels go the land fills where they decompose and produce more potent greenhouse gas, the Methane gas. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas-about 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at warming the Earth.

The company processes over 50,000 tons of waste peels per year . This is equivalent to to 125 million tons of Carbon dioxide gas emission, if these waste are taken to land fills.  The company has Contributed to Climate Action by taking  actions to combat climate change and its impacts.

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