LeaBiashara Programme

 Afri-EcoFeeds in collaboration with Mkulima AgriMart has established LeaBiashara Programme for supporting startups in Tanzania. The LeaBiashara programme aims to provide startups with opportunity to access to training, technologies, capital and market for their products or services. The  programme aims to empower founders of new businesses  to establish , grow and scale their businesses. 

It has been reported that eighty percent of businesses under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Africa fail within the first five years of their existence despite having the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world. Harsh economic environments, lack of access to capital, and poor business practices have stunted the growth. The programme aims at increasing rate of business survival beyond 5 years


 NOTE: Your business should be established under 5 years.   After this registration you shall receive another form for filling more details about your  business.

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